The epidemic no one’s talking about

Did you know that there’s an invisible epidemic that’s stopping us from living our lives to the fullest every day?

This epidemic is one that your doctor knows about but isn’t addressing.

This epidemic causes:

Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, Infertility, Weight gain, Slows your metabolism, Osteoporosis, Delayed wound healing, and much more…

Any guesses?  It’s STRESS.

Stress costs our society over $300 billion/year according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

Of the visits that are documented, 75 – 95% of doctor’s visits are stress related issues.

The only way to counter the effects of stress on your life is to be proactive.  Here are 6 things you can do today to ward off stress in your life:

  1. Eat breakfast
  2. Do gentle exercises every day.
  3. Don’t rely on sugar or caffeine for energy
  4. Avoid red meat and processed food
  5. Give yourself permission to pause and reflect
  6. Get a good night’s sleep


Diana xo

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