How to Give Back those Limiting Beliefs.

What exactly are limiting beliefs?  Because what is limiting to one person is liberating for another. For example, someone who is extroverted might find staying home on Friday nights suffocating and boring, while an introverted person might find this comforting and grounding. How do you give back those limiting beliefs?

What makes a “limiting belief”?

The Encarta dictionary defines “belief” as the “acceptance by the mind that something is true or real, often underpinned by an emotional or spiritual sense of certainty.”  This definition accurately describes how multi-faceted a belief can be for us. A belief lives in every aspect of our being. It’s the spiritual, mental, and emotional story of our lives. And it takes root in our energy systems and becomes our definition of who we are. It becomes our belief system.

Where do our beliefs start?

When we are born into this world, we come with predetermined programming about who we are. It is the legacy our ancestors left us and defines our genetic make-up.

If you add what our parents teach us and then what we experience, these become powerful influencers. Our DNA is encoded with a particular ability to process information, so if you are exposed to an ungrounded nervous mother, and you will have the genetic make-up of a sensitive person. You will be affected more from your mother’s nervous energy than someone who isn’t as genetically predisposed to sensitivities.

How do we identify our limiting beliefs?

When your address what’s holding you back then can address your beliefs and how they are stopping you from living a better life.

Say, for example, you want to travel on your own to India, but you have resisted this urge for years and talked yourself out of it. You hear yourself saying that it’s too dangerous or that you’ll get sick. These things may happen, of course. But chances are you are exposed to the same amount of danger where you are living right now.

So, what’s holding you back from this dream vacation? Dig deep, and you may find that you’re a mother once said that traveling to India is very dangerous for a woman. And then you might remember that a friend went there and became sick with parasites. And then you may dig deeper and find that your grandmother was a social hermit — all things to reinforce your belief that you cannot travel to India.

How do you change your limiting beliefs?

Once you have identified your limiting self-talk around your trip to India, then you can break it apart and form another belief.

Here’s how it would work: You tell your grandmother that her fear of going anywhere was her fear and not yours and you energetically give the fear back to her. Then you also give back your mother’s fear of traveling alone energetically. When you close your eyes, imagine the fear is in a cardboard box ( you can decide on the size based on how fearful you are) then you physically (in your imagination) give the box of fear back to your grandmother and mother.

This technique is done by elite athletes… They imagine themselves running and winning the race. This is manifestation in action.

Then you alleviate your fears by rationalizing that traveling anywhere is just as dangerous as your city; you still have to keep your handbag and wallet tucked away and be alert to any dangerous activity.

And if you want to reinforce this, you could ask more friends if they have traveled to India and what their experience was and if they can offer any tips. Helping your brain process your fears with cold hard facts is very useful. But doing the energetic work around your limiting beliefs in the form of “Giving Back” is key to changing your energy and feelings, which are the drivers of our actions.

FIRST STEP  – Being aware of your limiting beliefs and where they come from is the most crucial first step in overcoming your fears. We all have concerns that we deal with all day long. They stop us from living the life we want. But when we start to reframe them, get some facts that support a positive outcome that you want will allow you to develop skills to alleviate your fears. Changing those limiting beliefs over time becomes more accessible and easier to do.

Abundance and Freedom here we come!



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