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Who Needs Enlightened Sex?

The survival of our species is at risk unless we drastically change our habits and attitudes towards sex and embrace a new way of being intimate. Who needs enlightened sex? I do. You do. We all do. And here’s why. According to a 2018 survey as noted in Trends Research Institute, 64% of Japan’s 18 -34-year-olds are virgins or have never been in a romantic relationship. Also, the “Japan Family Planning Association found that 45
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Missing Home – the quest to find my new place

I’m surprised to admit that I’ve been looking to the past lately. I preach living in the present and recreating your future. And I encourage seeing the past as a lesson, so it’s a bit of a shock that I find myself in some sort of nostalgic reminiscing land. As I continue on the quest to find my new place, I also find myself missing the home that I spent 20 years to build. I
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Breaking Free from Heartbreak Addiction

One of the first things to go when we’re in heartbreak is our diet. We will do anything to feel better, and that includes eating all the foods we know are bad for us. Even when we know the after-effects will be undesirable, we just can’t help it. We’re wired for pleasure. But there is a way to recover and heal by breaking free from heartbreak addiction through the foods you eat. I did it.
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