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5 Rules for Dating after Divorce

You might be thinking that it’s time for you to start dating again. What has it been six months, two years, five years since you even thought about finding a romantic partner? And that’s ok, because if you’re ready, then it’s time. But first, consider these five rules before you start dating. So, you feel ready, but you’re not 100% sure. Your heartbreak grief is gone, and you’re ready to get back out there and
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How to spot a narcissist from a mile away.

For years, I used to consider myself an expert on narcissistic behavior disorder. My credentials included being the daughter of a narcissistic mother and then picking a narcissistic husband. These two fundamental love relationships formed how I saw myself and how I came to classify all of my other post-divorce romantic relationships. But more importantly, I became acutely aware of narcissistic behavior, and how to spot a narcissist from a mile away. We are all
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