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Eliminating the shame of not being partnered

Our society doesn’t like things to be out of order. It says, we should all be in loving relationships and if you’re not, then there’s something wrong with you.  Your challenge then becomes eliminating the shame of not being partnered. I remember, viscerally, the feeling of being shunned and ostracized by the women who were part of my neighbourhood Mom tribe. The many years of supporting each other with our children: the PTA meetings, Fund-raisers,
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Reclaiming your Voice after it’s been shut down

To have the beautiful relationship that you want and deserve, there has to be communication. Communication is a simple concept that applies to every aspect of our human lives. Without good communication, relationships break down and then fall apart. Reclaiming your voice aafter it’s been shut down is the foundation of recreating your new relationship. Here’s where some of my clients would say, “this is so hard to do”. Like everything in transformation, it starts
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