The Antidote to Denied Love

Love is all powerful. It can elevate your life and give you superpowers you never thought existed. But when it’s withheld or blocked then the damage can be irreparable unless you practice the antidote to denied love.


Is there an antidote to denied love?

We are seeing it in the world right now in a macro way. Our governments have made human connection illegal. You will be fined if you go too close or reveal your smile to anyone. They’ve instilled fear of death if you hug or kiss anyone. What does this do to society?

The result is a world traumatized. Depressed children, frustrated and despondent parents, lost suicidal young adults are the result of a world denied love.

And what does this have to do with someone who is struggling to find love again after a divorce or break up?

If you take a minute and see where in your past you have been denied love, you will most definitely understand those feelings of loss, emptiness, and abandonment that the world at large is experiencing now.


Let’s look more closely.

Every time you experience heartbreak, you feel the denial of love. The pain in your heart, the tightness in your chest, the malaise in your body. This is what the world is feeling now. Heartbreak.

Are you unconsciously taking on this universal heartbreak? What if you’re saying to yourself, that you don’t want to be in a relationship. Which is perfectly fine. But if you’re saying that you don’t want to be open to the possibility of love, then you are blocking love.

You are not only denying others the possibility of your love, you are denying love for yourself.

You are stopping the flow of love from finding you.


Love is energy that needs to move and flow and be shared.

First step is creating awareness that you’re in this feeling. Then remember a time when you were so happy that the light of this feeling filled your being. Find that. Feel it. And then open.

The antidote to the blocked flow of love,

Repeat after me,

“I will no longer deny myself love. I am open to receiving love.”

“I will no longer deny myself love. I am open to receiving love.”

“I will no longer deny myself love. I am open to receiving love.”


Diana xo

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