Detox Anger and Release Shame

Spring is about expansion, growth and harmony. That’s why this is the best time to do the work to detox anger and release shame. The best way to do this – address your energetic blocks via the  Third/Sacral or Manipura Chakra.

The Third Chakra is responsible for the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, stomach, upper digestive tracts, spleen. When imbalanced these organs will reflect the emotional stress that needs to be addressed, such as anger. And the main organ associated with releasing anger is the Liver.


The Liver detoxes anger:


The Liver being your main detox organ, is responsible for a healthy functioning human being. It’s responsible for filtering everything that comes in to the body, from air to creams to food and liquids and most importantly our thoughts. And, it’s directly connected to the function of the heart on an energetic level.

When we’re heartbroken, we can experience anger on our way to healing. And anger sits in the liver. This is how it works…

How we consume information comes in through sound, sight, smell – our brain accepts it our mind makes sense of it and then our body processes it. And we hold onto thoughts that don’t have a clear resolution causing illness.


Your toxic thoughts need resolution:


For example, if you experience an argument with your partner ad you can’t resolve the issue with a clear set of actions, discussion, reconciliation – a hug and I’m sorry etc. then we hold on to the feeling of this argument.  It’s unresolved energy and so it gets filed away and then becomes lodged in our primitive brain waiting for an opportunity to release or fester as toxic energy in a part of the body.

This energy- such as anger or sadness, will start to fester or stagnate and calcify somewhere in your body that is associated with that emotion.


Anger sits in the liver – gallbladder (weak, gallstones), alcoholism, fatty liver from too much sugar consumption


Sadness and unrequited love sit in the pancreas – especially as it relates to the mother, parent, partner– hypo/hyper glycemia, sugar addiction


Should you go on a liver cleanse or detox from sugar? Absolutely. Our body health is very important. So when we feel an issue in these areas, ask yourself  – What is the emotion that I’m holding on to that is causing this issue in my organ?


When you can release the energy that has become stuck in these areas, you will feel more self-confident, welcoming and warm. You’ll feel playful and spontaneous, self-disciplined and able to meet any challenge that comes along. Spring is the perfect time to detox anger and release shame.


We’re doing it together  The Healing Circle 



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