How to Break a Soul Contract

When it’s impossible to break away from a toxic relationship, what options do you have? You know it’s toxic. You know that you have to break free from it to live more fully. But there seems to be this invisible force that won’t allow you to release its hold on you. Discover the underlying story and its intensity in your life and then learn how to break a soul contract so you can find freedom and peace.


Energetic cords are everywhere


It’s all about energy. As energetic beings, we are constantly sending out signals with our thoughts. These thoughts create thought forms which are actual clusters of energy that when sent out attach to others.


If you’re intuitive and energetically sensitive you’ll understand how other people’s energy affects you and your happiness. This is how we can feel collective fear which is so prevalent right now. And it’s also how we can collectively feel love and joy when we are with a group of people at a live musical performance for example.


This is the energy of emotional contracts. It tells us when our partner is unhappy or disappointed and it tells us when it’s time to break free from it.


These energetic cords are everywhere, all the time. It’s as simple as thinking of someone and then in the next few minutes they call you. That’s how powerful your emotional energy is.


Cord cutting or contract breaking


In energy work we often refer to the practice of cord cutting, which is very effective in limited situations that are very specific. However, I’m most interested in those energetic fields that bind us to an emotional contract on a soul level where the cord is too thick and strong to simply cut.


Soul contracts are made by an ancient program usually given to you by your parents and ancestors. It’s a way of thinking about a relationship that skews your ability to function in the world from a place of absolute freedom.


It binds us to a way of living that only serves to repress your life force in some way. You can call it addiction or co-dependency attachment. It’s toxic and is stopping you from being happy and fulfilled on some level. Is there learning in this energetic soul attachment? Absolutely.

But we don’t have to remain connected when it becomes toxic. That’s why learning how to break a soul contract is so important.


How to break a soul contract


Say for example you are caught in a toxic relationship; it could be romantic or a co-worker or family member. You know that it’s destructive. Your communication is always contentious and being with them is stressful, but you have this unspoken bond or familiarity that keeps you attached to them in an unhealthy way.


That’s why breaking this energy you have with this person is the only way to find freedom and peace in your life.


These are the steps to break this emotional soul contract:


  1. Identify why you are connected to that person. For example, “I am in a romantic relationship.”
  2. Identify how it feels to be in that relationship. For example, “I feel like I’m suffocating in this relationship.”
  3. Take your time with this next step. Identify the contract you have with this person. For example, “I feel like I’m responsible for their happiness, so I sacrifice my happiness for their comfort.”
  4. Now decide the intensity of this contract by picking a material to represent its weight in your life. Such as paper, leather, steel, stone etc.
  5. Finally with a tool, scissors, knife, or hammer, destroy the contract completely.

Even though we are connected to everyone at all times, this doesn’t mean that you have to maintain a toxic relationship. It’s the contract you decided to have via your parents or ancestors on a subconscious level that may be keeping you from ending the relationship. But when you know how to break a soul contract through the knowledge of your energetic power then you can release yourself from these toxic relationships and find freedom and peace to move forward.

Diana xo


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    • dianamikas

      Hi Stella,

      I’m always speaking metaphysically,energetically and yes you will use your mind as you close your eyes to imagine breaking that contract.
      Of course, if you have a real contract with that person, you can also decide to end it or nullify it as with a marriage contract in a divorce.
      I hope this makes it clear.

    • dianamikas

      Hi Ana-Maria, that’s a really great question.
      If your son is young and still a dependent on you, say under 12 then he can stay. But if he is an adult or soon to be one and is causing you pain, then he must leave. It may seem that because he’s your son that you should still carry the burden, but by doing that you stop him from evolving.
      You are a great mother by simply asking this question and showing how much you care.
      I hope this helps.xo

    • dianamikas

      You can break-free energetically. Keep practicing and follow along for support. I believe in you Rem. Sending love and light. D xo

    • dianamikas

      Hi Robin,
      Yes, whoever we have entangled with also has a soul contract on some level. We are here again to teach each other something in this lifetime. Focus on your lessons and not the other persons. Just notice, become aware, learn and then release them with love. Not always in that order. xo

  1. Thomas

    I also have an extremely abusive family member and have been doing a lot of energy work to try to sever the cord, or contract or whatever it is. I get a lot of signs from spirit and follow my guidance. I feel like I am making good progress. Yesterday, I felt a painful tightness in my chest (not my heart, but just below it) and it stayed there for a few minutes, like a pulse almost. I breathed through it and don’t have any health issues, so I knew it must be something spiritual. I also felt this the day before my Grandpa passed away (many years ago) and at the time I believed that was out soul contract being fulfilled, bc I was his care giver and he died sometime in the night. But when I look online I was surprised that I can’t find people talking about similar experiences.

    • dianamikas

      Thank you for sharing your experiences and I’m sorry hear about your Grandpa. What a lucky man to have you by his side when he passed. I too ushered out both of my parents over the past 2 years. What an honor and privilege to be the one to witness this extraordinary process. You have a gift and not many people are in tune with their energy. Most do everything to numb these feelings. Take care of yourself and keep asking questions. You are awesome! xo

    • dianamikas

      Hi Jenn,
      Great job doing the soul contract cutting steps. It’s normal to see no result after one time. Remember this is energy work and sometimes you have to keep doing it for a while. If there isn’t any movement then do this every morning and night. And also make sure you’re blocking him on all forms of communication. Be super clear with your intention. And take care of yourself first and foremost. Sending love. xo

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