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Set Yourself Up for Successful Online Dating

I recently decided to go back to dating sites. Like a new addiction, the thought of having new conversations and possibly meeting up with new and different men seemed a little exciting. It pulled me back in like a black hole consumes matter. With all my coaching tools in hand, I decided to enlist my PMA – Positive Mental Attitude. It has helped me out in many a life-altering situation and so with a big
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Top 10 foods to make you happy again

Fact: Our gut and brain are connected. Which means that whatever you eat has a direct effect on your mood. Your emotional wellbeing, especially when you’re recovering from heartbreak, must be your primary concern if you’re ever going to heal. So, let’s start with the one thing you can control… your eating. I’ll reveal the top 10 foods to make you happy again. Why food can fuel your heartbreak When practitioners say holistic healing today,
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