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Forgiveness leaves a trail…Track it and let it go

Sometimes when we say we forgive someone, we really mean that we are trying to forgive them. The reality of forgiveness is that it’s an ongoing practice and never an absolute one method. Forgiveness leaves a trail…Track it and let it go I thought I had forgiveness all wrapped up but didn’t realize that I forgot about resent.   Many years ago, in the middle of my marriage, I realized that I needed to do
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Where do you go when love hurts?

When we experience heart break we go somewhere. Usually out of our body back to a time when that same pain was first experienced. We call it childhood trauma or our inner child or the shadow side. Where ever you go, it’s a repeating pattern that keeps us in heartbreak. You can’t run away from your pain. Oh, you can try, but you know that it will always show up in some form at themost
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How you do Self-love is how you Love

That’s essentially the answer to all your heartbreak woes. When you understand the heartbreak you’re carrying around is defined by how well you treat yourself, then you can start to take matters into your own hands. You have the power to change how you receive and how you send out love. Simply put, how you do self-love is how you love. But it has to start with you first. And it’s the same principle as
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