How you do Self-love is how you Love

That’s essentially the answer to all your heartbreak woes. When you understand the heartbreak you’re carrying around is defined by how well you treat yourself, then you can start to take matters into your own hands. You have the power to change how you receive and how you send out love. Simply put, how you do self-love is how you love.

But it has to start with you first. And it’s the same principle as “you only know what you know.”

What you’ve experienced in your life about love is all that you know about love.

What did you see as a child with your parents’ relationship?

How did they show their love to you?

All very deep and maybe triggering questions, but I want you to remove yourself from the feelings for a minute and just observe as if you were studying your parents from a scientific point of view.

Understand that there are three kinds of love, as described in David Deida’s seminal book – Enlightened Sex. When you understand how you use these ways of love then you’ll be able to take your power back- the power you’ve always had and this time use it to find a higher love.

Remove yourself from the emotions and just state what you observe… then find out how you can change your perspective in this week’s Higher Love podcast.

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Episode One – Love is…

How do you define love?How you define love is how you love. Simple. We explore all the things standing between you and your desire to find the love of your life. It’s not what you think and everything you think.

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