Where do you go when love hurts?

When we experience heart break we go somewhere. Usually out of our body back to a time when that same pain was first experienced. We call it childhood trauma or our inner child or the shadow side. Where ever you go, it’s a repeating pattern that keeps us in heartbreak.

You can’t run away from your pain.

Oh, you can try, but you know that it will always show up in some form at themost inappropriate times. I call this Volcano effect.

Emotional pain needs space to dissolve.

That’s the only way to get rid of it.

Dr. Peter Levine, well known for his book – Waking the Tiger, says,

“The paradox of trauma is that it has both the power to destroy and the power to transform and resurrect.”


That’s what I want for you dear listener, resurrection.


Before we get down to the action of healing we have to tap into self-awareness.


Just like any journey, you have to find out where you are right now, before you can the chart the path back to yourself. What you will come realize is that this pain you’re feeling isn’t of this time?


It’s the pain and trauma response that your parents and ancestors through your biology have passed down to you.


We have come to realize this with the study of epigenetics, which says that there are some micro RNA indicators that don’t evolve as they should through the process of natural selection but instead bypass this evolutionary process and linger through the generations.


In fact, as I mention in my book – How to do SelfLove…


In this week’s Higher Love podcast, I talk about how we build up Heart Armour and how we can dismantle it with this meditation.


Listen now.

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Episode 2 – Where do you go when love hurts?

A meditation for resurrection

Where are you stuck in love? Where is it in your body? We’ll discover how thick your Heart Armour is and then do a meditation to blow it up. You’ll feel renewed after this episode.

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