Forgiveness leaves a trail…Track it and let it go

Sometimes when we say we forgive someone, we really mean that we are trying to forgive them. The reality of forgiveness is that it’s an ongoing practice and never an absolute one method. Forgiveness leaves a trail…Track it and let it go

I thought I had forgiveness all wrapped up but didn’t realize that I forgot about resent.


Many years ago, in the middle of my marriage, I realized that I needed to do some therapy to untangle my thoughts of despair that didn’t align with the outward view of my idyllic life.


On the outside everything looked wonderful, I had 3 healthy boys, a handsome successful husband, a cute house in a desirable neighbourhood.

I was the quintessential successful mom, on the parent teacher committee, heading fundraisers, driving my kids to music and fencing class… yes, I was a professional mom and wife….


I had checked all the societal boxes of being a successful family, but I forgot myself along the way.


On the inside, I was miserable….


What the outside world didn’t see was how my relationship with my husband was falling apart.


Most days, I felt like I was a single parent left to organize and arrange everything in our lives.

Oh, don’t misunderstand me, I loved doing all these things but just thought that I wouldn’t be completely alone in it. And the tension and friction was getting worse to the point where we were hardly speaking to eachother.

This isn’t the relationship that I had wanted…so, I joined a women’s group lead by a brilliant Therapist – Eileen Daly . Who has unfortunately retired now but we still keep in touch.

I have found recently that my forgiveness came with strings and it was called resent. This is weeks Higher Love podcast, I dive into what resent means for me and how I finally let it go.


Your story of heartbreak is deep and has many layers, so remember with each layer you remove, the lighter you will become. You do have the courage to look at the story once more with me…

Take my hand and listen here.

Eps 03 – When you master forgiveness, but forget about resent.

Letting go of the stories that define us is almost impossible if we don’t know the truth about our experiences. Today you’ll find that truth about yourself and then learn to let it go. This really will set you free.

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