Creating boundaries today means happiness tomorrow

I have many stories about myself that I have clung on to since I was child. The recent realization that these stories completely defined me, allowed me to let them go. Your quest for happiness means looking at that story you’ve been holding on to… and doing a rewrite. Because creating boundaries today means happiness tomorrow.


It happened for me when I was dating this British Art Curator. It was the summer “before the end” is what I called it… the end being menopause. But that’s for another time.

This man told me that I was easy going. Not a dis but I didn’t take it as a compliment either. It was something that made me stop to think about because it was how I defined myself my whole life.


Turns out, his definition of easy going meant that he could over step and “borrow” something one weekend, without asking. Hmmm. I had a hard look at that. It wasn’t the first time I felt taken advantage of.


The easy-going label that I gave myself needed a rewrite.


Let’s discover your story and what needs rewriting to create better boundaries.


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Eps 04 – What it takes to create a happy life…

The magic of self-confidence, boundaries and chakras

Are you still waiting for someone to save you? When we give others authority over our lives, we stifle our spiritual evolution. That’s painful. There’s only one authority on you and that’s you! I’ll show you the way to self-confidence.

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