It’s time to let those thoughts know who’s in charge.

The toughest thing we have to contend with when we are learning to love ourselves again, are our thoughts. It’s time to let those thoughts know who’s in charge.

No matter what traumas and adverse experiences you’ve had, it’s the thoughts and resulting beliefs you make up from those experiences. Contrary to popular belief, you can control your thoughts. 

You are in charge of your mind, not the other way around.

Like a Navy Seal, you have to be stealth, because the mind is designed to keep you safe regardless of the type of thoughts it forms. As a result, your mind will create more negative thoughts to do this.

Every thought you have creates an energy that gets sent out to the world around you. So when you want to send daggers to someone, they will feel it and guard themselves. And when you want to send love, they will open up and receive your love.

What type  of thought energy do you want to send out? 

Learn how to send out loving energy by becoming a master at thought creation… in this week’s Higher Love podcast.


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Episode 05 – Master your life with Thought Creation. A journal practice

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