The FUCK YES Method of Boundary setting

Deeper we go into boundary setting because we are doing it wrong and that’s why they are so difficult to maintain.

If you focus on what you don’t want, you will only get what you don’t want. But if you focus on what you want then what you don’t want will never appear. It’s the FUCK YES Method of boundary setting.


Get it. It’s that simple a concept. But how do we apply it?


When you walk around with a broken heart, your thoughts will always create an energetic armour around your heart.


When we go through life believing and feeling that relationships are difficult, a lot of work, unsatisfactory, unfulfilling or even dangerous those thought forms stay in our energetic field.

It’s like a cloak or what I call heart armor.


It’s right and natural to want to protect your heart


But if you don’t resolve those thought forms and that “stay away” “don’t come near me” energy will remain in your field all the time… Repelling potential romantic relationships but also any other relationship.


Learn the “FUCK YES” Method to open up that heart armour so love can start getting in.


This is how self-love works. Let the love in. xo


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In this week’s Higher Love podcast, I teach you the counter-intuitive approach to letting love in.

Episode 06 – Boundaries – the Fuck Yes method

A counter-intuitive approach.

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