Unleash the power of your feminine

At this time and in these bodies, in this world, we live in polarity. There is always a good and bad, light and dark, yin and yang, feminine and masculine. When you unleash the power of your feminine, you will become more focussed, self-assured and all powerful.

This is the way it is. 

This isn’t about gender.

Whether you’re male or female – each gender has both of these polarities – feminine and masculine essence.

I want you to understand how distorted our view of the feminine has become and what we have allowed to happen in our world when we don’t step into our feminine power.

We’ve let the masculine energy take over. We have allowed it by meeting it on their home game field leaving us in the disadvantage. I use this metaphor because this is a game… an energy game.

When you figure out your power, you will be able to create the happy life you want. But if you are convinced that staying with the status quo and following the masculine energy way of things, you fall out of your integrity and authenticity. Your life will be one of compromise and strife. 

That’s how energy works. We must all work toward our highest vibration of living in wholeness and with a whole heart rather than a broken one.

And when you tap into your feminine energy, and are home there, that’s your vibration. Stay there and begin to manifest the life that you want.

The feminine energy is not weak or submissive or meek in any way. That’s the story that we’ve been led to believe. The Feminine way is all powerful. In Hinduism, she is known as Kali. 

I’ll show you how to live from your feminine power in this week’s podcast.

Eps 07  – Harness your true power – The feminine

Find your Kali and live in the power of the feminine.

Listen Now.

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