The Secret to Attraction

I’m not going to tell you that manifesting to attract what you want is all about mindset, because it is and it’s not. There’s a secret to attraction that not many people talk about. And I’m going to tell you all about it and how you can harness it within yourself.

Because it’s there already, within you. You have had it all along. But society and all of our influencers have told us not to use this magical power. Why? Well, then you’d be harder to manipulate and control. That’s why.

Sadly, we do live in a culture of “look at the shiny thing over here, so you don’t know what’s really going on over there.” My son was a magician and he taught me what “Up close, slight-of-hand was all about.” Pretty cool. But just a trick of distraction.

We’ve all been tricked at some point in our lives. That’s why we’re so discontented with everything. We aren’t able to see the magic that this existence is showing us.

And when it comes to our relationships and who we pick, we continue to do this distraction with ourselves. We think we want these things in our partner, but these things aren’t what we truly want but what our parents and society has told us we want. More distraction…


What do you really want?


Is it someone who looks good, has lots of nice shiny things, presents well, and has potential? Or do you want someone who treats you well and focuses on growing and experiencing all that life has to offer, while respecting you and treating you like you’re the most important thing in their life?

And then once you’ve decided, you have to remember the mirror analogy. What you put out to the world will be reflected back in everything and everyone you are drawn to.


It’s never about the shiny things. The secret to attraction is always about the energy.


I’ll tell you how to remember this source of attraction, which you can harness within yourself to live your happiest life.

And I’ll bring Ashton Kutcher into the conversation, because he knows… Yay! Ashton!

Listen to this week’s podcast.

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Episode 08 – Become Irresistibly Attractive, It’s not physical

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