Pushing yourself through Unlove

I was reminded recently that growth happens when you push through the discomfort.
As Sarah Polley’s new book title accurately advises Run Towards The Danger. When you are in a place of fear, anxiety, disbelief there is only one way out. Pushing yourself through unlove will challenge everything you think is real, because it’s not.

What you think is happening is a figment of your collective memory from how your DNA is programmed to respond to fear, to how your life experiences have created a belief. The beliefs are the ones that are creating the illusion and suffering because they keep you in that state of belief.

“I’m a bad girl for speaking up”
“Finding love is hard”
“I hate the responsibilities of being an adult”

I hear these and have said some as well. When was the last time you said, “I don’t want to adult anymore?” Just yesterday?

Or that “romantic relationships are impossible to maintain.” Or “I’m never going to live the life I feel I deserve.” or “I’m a failure.” and on and on. I’ve heard so many of these beliefs that have now become affirmations and ways of being.

Just like building a muscle, you have to push through this negative self-talk and actively change your brain wiring to see a different reality.

To make these beliefs disappear for good, we have to get into the feelings of these beliefs. And then revisit the events that created the beliefs. We are resistant to this type of reflection. No one wants to purposefully put themselves in a state of fear and unlove. However, how the brain processes these memories directly affects how our body functions. So, this is a kind of reverse engineering of those thoughts of unlove.

Pushing yourself through unlove can become a daily practice to shift your mindset to see your life as whole rather than deficient or broken.

I’ll show you how to do it in this week’s podcast. Get comfortable and follow along.

Are you still having difficulty making sense of your world and the decisions that led you to question everything about your existence. We’ll get clarity for all those questions and save you a ton on therapist bills right now.

Listen now – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/higher-love-with-diana-mikas/id1670476333


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