Going deep into what destabilizes you

In modern psychology, it’s called disregulation but I like the reference to destabilization because it accurately describes this constant state of being uncentred. They use it in politics when they say a government has been destabilized and right now it’s appropriate to say that our world is destabilized. 

This state can also be a result of heart break, maybe not initially but it always affects the heart.

The heart is your centre and coming back to the heart is the goal but before we can feel heart energy at its fullest we have to find the cracks in our existence and fill them. Finding the cracks requires going deep into what destabilizes you.

And doing the deep dives that help us throughout the day requires that you make a pact with yourself. To remember that you are limitless, abundant and unconditional love.

Your integrity is the key. Are you still lying to yourself about your life. Pretending that everything is fine will only cause you the most amount of suffering. And the more stubborn you are the more painful is suppressing your emotions. 

Integrity is the foundation to living a happy life. When  you are honest with yourself  about your feelings you’ll be able to express them more clearly. You’ll be able to understand your patterns so you can make different choices. Happier choices.

Here’s how to do an Integrity Check-in.

In this week’s Higher Love podcast, I teach you the counter-intuitive approach to letting love in.

Listen now.

Eps. 10

Going deeper into the thing that destabilizes us- Finding the cracks to fill them

Like building a condo from the second floor, your journey to self-love can’t start without digging a strong foundation. In this episode you’ll learn how to stop self-betrayal by establishing a strong foundation of integrity so you can build your wholehearted life. 


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