When it’s too painful to let go

We’ve been talking about heartbreak and love lives for a while now. We’ve also talked about the ways in which you can let go of inherited love patterns that keep you in suffering. But sometimes you have enlist new techniques to let go of someone who isn’t flowing with you. 

When it’s too painful to let go, we have to enlist another layer of practice. When it’s too painful to let go, you have to say to yourself that there’s something else at play here. Is it a kind of addiction. Yes it is. Its love addiction.

Love is the most addictive force on earth. 

So next time you have a break up or argument or just falling out with a friend and you’re having trouble moving on, you aren’t crazy and you aren’t alone. It’s biological. We can’t help being hooked on someone who doesn’t want us or who is too toxic.

The key is to remember that you deserve to be treated with respect in all relationships. 

You will be able to let go more easily next time when you incorporate the magic of this cord cutting practice.

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Episode 11 – 

When it’s too painful to let go- Here’s what to do

In this episode we’ll learn how addictive love really is and why it’s so painful to let go of even the most toxic relationships. Then I’ll share an easy Cord Cutting practice for you to use when the pain of love is stopping you from elevating your life. 

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