Recover, Reconnect and Reclaim Your Life

It takes only 21 days to lock in proven strategies and practices that will help you heal, eliminate anxiety and stay collected during one of the most traumatic life transitions you will ever go through.


Going through a divorce or separation brings on a profound sense of trauma as you now have to witness your world falling apart. The sadness of the loss of the life you thought you had and the sense of abandonment is only surmounted by the fear of the unknown for what your future will be. You experience:

 Trauma of the Shock, that is your new reality.

Sadness for the Loss, of the life you thought you had.

Sense of Abandonment, when your partner leaves.

Fear of the Unknown, for what your future will be.

Do you feel like you have lost all control of where your life is heading?

After years of taking care of the family and making sure everyone else’s needs are put before your own, you find yourself at the bottom of your MVP list. It seems that you’ve lost the capacity to speak up for yourself and get clear on your own needs and wants. The future is foggy and your path is now unclear. This exacerbates your sadness and anxiety for the future.

BIG life transitions come with BIG grief. And although you may feel like you have no control now, you can turn this around and start living the life you were meant to live.

You can begin to transform your life right now. You can begin your new path to heal from the trauma, keep calm and get clear on what you now want in your life… did I mention that you will also enjoy the process as you take back control of your life.

Are you ready to:

Overcome the overwhelm and break-free from your auto-pilot reactions.
Reframe your foundational beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
Develop a new dialogue that is supportive.
Get clarity on what you want in order to move forward.
Establish practices that you can access whenever you need

Why I made this program for you

Hi, I’m Diana Mikas. After 20 years of putting myself dead-last in my marriage, and sacrificing myself time and again for the sake of the family, my divorce caused me to have a serious look at the way I was living my life. I was a mother, devoted wife, business executive and “glue” of the family unit. I thought I had done everything right by giving to depletion and putting my life goals on the back-burner.

What I discovered was a 3-part system of practices that allowed me to shift everything. I realized that in order to make these shifts stick, I had to start at my foundational beliefs first. The program I created supports women who are going through divorce and separation to change their internal dialogue, thought patterns, behavior and to ultimately allow them to get clear on what they want and how they should get it. After years of working with hundreds of women get calm and clear, I am excited to share these techniques with you in this mini-program.

What you get with this program:

  • 3 Weekly course Modules with easy exercises and support material.
  • Daily emails and workbook with clear instructions and guidance.
  • Daily video coaching to keep you motivated and supported.
  • Unlimited access to the supportive Facebook group so you can share and learn from the groups experience.
  • Access to all materials for easy reference during your 21 days.

Getting Calm and Clarity can be achieved in 21 days.

After years of developing these techniques, I have created a system that’s easy to follow and will empower you to make the shifts you need to QUICKLY.

Module 1 – Recover

In the first week, you will RECOVER FROM THE TRAUMA. You will uncover the thought patterns that are blocking you from getting calm. You will learn mindful awareness techniques and finally learn fundamental grounding techniques.

Module 2 – Reconnect

In the second week, you will learn how to create boundaries and how to say “no” effectively. You will eliminate self-sabotaging behavior, RECONNECT TO YOUR GOALS and actively shift your energy to realize your goals.

Module 3 – Reclaim

In the final week, you will lock down your new practices and will be able to rewrite your story. You will RECLAIM YOUR POWER and develop a strong sense of self-love.

What people are saying

Diana was amazingly different than anything I had previously experienced.  She has a gift to tap into the very essence you need to foster and build confidence, belief and an action plan to move you forward.

— Patty Lowry

Diana’s support and guidance has been crucial to my healing. She has been my body, mind and spirit “coach.” Her personal coaching has guided me through one of the worst times in my life.  Her open heart, awareness and insight is her strength.

— Fiona Duncanson


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