A 90-day online love life coaching experience for women who are ready to heal their hearts, repair their bodies, end the loneliness and reclaim their love lives.

Stop wondering if you’re ever going to find yourself (and the love of your life) again. Instead: Take the next 90 days to heal your heart, repair your health and reclaim your love life.

Wondering how you’re going to heal from the trauma of your divorce or separation?

Wondering how you’re going to break free from fear of a future of loneliness?

Wondering if you could ever change your programming of picking toxic partners?

Wondering if you will ever find someone who will love you like you deserve and be the “happily ever after” you’ve been longing for?

My name is Diana Mikas. I am your Love Life Coach.

My life’s work is helping women to heal from heartbreak and guide them to find the love of their lives again.

I’m so glad you’re here.

I know what it’s like to be heartbroken, scared and alone.

I know what it’s like to feel abandoned and betrayed.

I know what it’s like to lie awake night after night consumed with fear for my future and wondering, “will I be okay”.

 It is devastating. It is overwhelming. It is crippling. 

I was there. I spent 20 years putting myself dead-last in my marriage. I sold myself out by believing that if I sacrificed my hopes and dreams for the sake of the family, I would be taken care of.

I was a mother, devoted wife, business executive, and “glue” of the family unit. I thought that I had done everything right by giving to depletion and putting my needs on the back-burner. But I was wrong.

My marriage ended in divorce.

The trauma, fear and shame that followed, sent me on a deep dive journey of self-discovery.

I needed to understand how I got here, how I could get out of this new reality and most importantly, how I could find the love that I longed for.

Healing started when I realized that I caused the damage to myself by making decisions that I was programmed to make.

Thriving started when I surrendered to the fact that there was work to be done.

So, I went to work.

I stopped putting myself last. 

I unsubscribed from my inherited love stories.

I prioritized my health.

I rediscovered my worth.

I stopped waiting for love to happen.

Instead, I started living life on my terms and I created my love story.

I am proof, that by making a commitment to yourself and following real strategies, you can THRIVE after divorce, separation and heartbreak.

And YES! You can (and will) find the love of your life again.

Soon after my own love life transformation, I started sharing my techniques with other women and developed a 3 Pillar Method.

To date, I have helped thousands of women to heal, thrive and find love again with this method.

Which brings me to you.

As you are reading this, if you are lonely, scared for your future and dealing with the trauma from heartbreak, I am excited to introduce you to my signature 3 Pillar Method.

This method is designed to take you from trauma, fear, anger and loneliness, to feeling safe and secure, confident with your new life path and blissfully in love again.

Pillar One

Reconnect to Love

1. Your Love Contract – Stop self-sabotaging & start living with integrity as you prepare for the love of your life.

2. Heal the Past – Dismantle negative love inheritance and its effects on your love life.

3. How to Attach – Discover your personal attachment style and integrate how to use it in your search for love.

4. Your Love Language – Learn to effectively use your love languages to communicate what you want.

Pillar Two

Repair your Body to Love

5. Eating for Love – Eliminate those foods that are causing inflammation and a disconnection to love.

6. Breaking Patterns – Learn to change self-destructive eating patterns when in heartbreak.

7. Exercise Elevation – Explore restorative and healing forms of exercise to elevate your body to the level of attraction.

8. Eating to Heal – Develop your personal meal plan to maintain your love hormone production.

Pillar Three

Reclaim your Love

9. Art of Asking – Learn ways to connect and manifest the love that you now want.

10. Chakra Check-up – Repair and activate your essential love energy centre.

11. Tantra Tactics – Master the ancient art of Love by strengthening your sex centre.

12. Essential Love – Regain your goddess power by learning breathwork for the ultimate orgasm control.

  • Reframe your foundational beliefs around your worthiness and become more grounded and clear about the love you want.
  • Repair your heart and body by breaking through self-sabotaging behaviors, so you can resonate at the frequency of attraction.
  • Reclaim your love energy and discover real love bliss like you’ve never had before.
  • Feel deeply cared for, supported and unconditionally loved.
  • Feel limitless, powerful and passionately aligned.


A 90-day online love life coaching experience for women (40 – 60yrs) who are ready to heal their hearts, repair their bodies, end the loneliness and reclaim their love lives.

What you get:

1. Personalized Passion Profile Session – We start by digging deep into your foundation of love and uncover the issues quickly so we have a clear path to move forward from.

2. 12 weekly Masterclass Video Lessons– Each week we dive into the pillar topic uncovering scientifically proven techniques to empower you and guide you through the lesson.

3. Weekly Course Modules with pdf worksheets and support material – You learn by doing the exercises and practices that will aid in your transformation.

4. Weekly/Biweekly Coaching – We review the lessons LIVE, to get clear on the methods and keep you moving toward your goals.

5. Unlimited Access to all program materials – You can review and reference all materials at any time to refresh your practices to keep you transforming long after.


“Working with Diana was a breath of fresh air! She helped me dig deep past the surface issues of the things I found I was holding on to that were ultimately hindering me from really finding true peace and happiness in my life. It’s amazing how life can change when you make a simple adjustment in perspective, which she will help you make; where the reward for doing the work is freedom and lightness. Thank you for guiding me back into my own light Diana!”


This complete love transformation is ready for you.

Let’s connect and together decide if The Passion Protocol is the perfect fit for you.

Schedule a free call (there is no obligation).

Wondering if working with me is exactly what you need right now?

If you are ….

1. Struggling to make sense of the trauma, anger and betrayal you are experiencing and don’t know where to turn.

2. Scared out of your mind about your future and wondering if you’ll ever make it through this period.

3. Bewildered after dating and trying to be in a relationship again, only to have it end the same way, in heartache.

4. Fed up doing the same thing and not getting the results you want in your relationships.

If you’re virtually nodding your head yes, then YES!

The Passion Protocol is a perfect fit for you.

It would be my honor to serve as your guide and help you regain your health, your power and your love life with your very own complete love transformation.


“Diana’s support and guidance has been crucial to my healing.  She has been my body, mind and spirit “coach”. Her personal coaching has guided me through one of the worst times in my life.  Her open heart, awareness and insight is her strength.  And I benefited from it immensely.  This year in the fall I went back to school and was able to go to Nepal on a trekking expedition for 3 weeks. I feel stronger then I have for many years and look forward to my future.  I could not have done it without her incredible healing abilities. Thank you Diana for being so good at what you do.”


This complete love transformation is ready for you.

Let’s connect and together decide if The Passion Protocol is the perfect fit for you.

Schedule a free call (there is no obligation).

Still have questions?

Q. WHO EXACTLY IS THIS PROGRAM FOR? This program is for women who have experienced heartbreak (regardless of whether it was decades or days ago) and are ready to heal their hearts, repair their bodies, end the loneliness and reclaim their love lives. In this program I will work with you to help you reconnect to yourself and what you now want and, regain confidence in your new path as you work towards finding the love of your life.

Q. DO I HAVE TO DO THE PROGRAM IN SEQUENCE OR CAN I DO IT AT MY OWN PACE? You have the freedom to do The Passion Protocol at your own pace, however, if you want to get the full benefit, with supportive coaching calls and group sessions, then it’s best if you do the program as recommended.

Q. DOES MY ACCESS TO THE PROGRAM HAVE A LIMITED TIME? You have lifetime access to The Passion Protocol, which will allow you to go back to it and brush up on your practices at any time you wish.

Q. DO I HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FACEBOOK GROUP? You do not have to participate in the private Facebook group, however, if you want to get the breakthroughs that are achieved in this program, group participation is the way to do it. Studies show that the best performance is achieved when we have a supportive community to help us through the tough stuff.