How we love is changing. Fast. To keep up, we have to do our work to dismantle the stories that no longer work today.

I talk about finding self-love. We’ll dismantle those inherited love stories so you can create a new love foundation. It’s time to filter out the toxic and become more discerning with our energy. We’ll do that big time!

There are meditations, journal prompts and gentle nudging so you can see the other side of the pain. Because right now, more than ever, we have to find our power. And stand in it.

We are recreating our world. Let’s do it with a whole heart rather than a broken one.

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Eps 01 – How you define love is how you love. Simple. We explore all the things standing between you and your desire to find the love of your life. It’s not what you think and everything you think. We’re learning to live with a whole heart rather than a broken one.

Eps 02 – Where are you stuck in love? Where is it in your body? We’ll discover how thick your Heart Armour is and then do a meditation to blow it up. You’ll feel renewed after this episode.

Eps 03 – Letting go of the stories that define us is almost impossible if we don’t know the truth about our experiences. Today you’ll find that truth about yourself and then learn to let it go. This really will set you free.

Eps 04 – Are you still waiting for someone to save you? When we give others authority over our lives, we stifle our spiritual evolution. That’s painful. There’s only one authority on you and that’s you! I’ll show you the way to self-confidence.