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How to spot a narcissist from a mile away.

I consider myself an expert on narcissistic behavior disorder. My credentials include being the daughter of a narcissistic mother and then picking a narcissistic now ex-husband. These two fundamental love relationships allowed me to become acutely aware of  narcissist energy – from how they love bomb to how they use manipulative language to keep you hooked. Now I want to teach you how to spot a narcissist from a mile away. If you spot it,
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How to Trust After Betrayal and Stop the Lying

When entering into a relationship, there must be a level of trust for intimacy to take place. Trust is the gateway to intimacy; without it, there is no possibility for closeness to happen. But when trust is broken, and betrayal shows up, then you must make a decision about that relationship and all others. Do you use this experience as a benchmark for all other relationships? Or do you learn how to trust again after
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