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The FUCK YES Method of Boundary setting

Deeper we go into boundary setting because we are doing it wrong and that’s why they are so difficult to maintain. If you focus on what you don’t want, you will only get what you don’t want. But if you focus on what you want then what you don’t want will never appear. It’s the FUCK YES Method of boundary setting.   Get it. It’s that simple a concept. But how do we apply it?
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The Power of NO – Setting healthy boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries after a breakup has taken on a new definition. With social media and modern technology, it seems like making a clean break is an impossible task. It’s all about how you do it that matters. We’ll explore how the power of “NO” is more important than ever when you want to forget and get on with your life. Why you can’t let go As I look back on my 20-year marriage and
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Now your Ex wants to introduce the new GF to your kids

You’re done, separated, divorced and you think everything is copacetic. You’ve gone your separate ways. The joint custody schedule with the kids is running smoothly. You think you can finally get on with your life and then it happens. Your Ex has a new girlfriend. And now your Ex wants to introduce the new GF to your kids. What do you do?   Just when you think you’ve got your emotions all sorted out and
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