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Overcome Abandonment by Working on Your Roots

“It felt like I was drop-kicked into outer space.” Those were the words I used with my therapist to describe the feeling I was going through during my separation. For years, I had this sensation of free-falling. It was intense as I tried to grasp onto whatever I could during my fall. I had to learn how to deal with and overcome this new sense of abandonment. I found that I could overcome abandonment by
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The Real Reason You Broke Up

You have your list of things that went wrong in your relationship. You know exactly when it started and the first conversation that sparked the breakdown. It was an argument that didn’t get resolved or a behaviour that you could no longer tolerate. But was it really those things or was it something underneath that sparked those behaviours. What if the real reason you broke up wasn’t the obvious but something else that you couldn’t
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How Your Past Can Heal Your Heart

The many ancient mystics and modern day gurus will teach you to be in the present and not dwell in the past or look to the future. Even modern day psychologists realize that bringing their patients back to look at past traumas only serves to re-traumatize and not necessarily heal them. The past has the power to heal your heart. But I say, to learn and grow into the beings we are here to become,
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