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The Antidote to Denied Love

Love is all powerful. It can elevate your life and give you superpowers you never thought existed. But when it’s withheld or blocked then the damage can be irreparable unless you practice the antidote to denied love. Is there an antidote to denied love? We are seeing it in the world right now in a macro way. Our governments have made human connection illegal. You will be fined if you go too close or reveal your smile to anyone...
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How to Find True Power – the Feminine Essence

Here’s something I have to admit to you. I didn’t know what it meant to be a second-sex until I got married. I realized that I was living my life in mostly a masculine energy way and that if I wanted to be in a healthy relationship with a male that I would have to learn how to find true power - the feminine essence. Masculine vs feminine when I was young I never experienced male superiority of any kind when I was young. Or maybe I did but...
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