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3 Ways To Control Your Anger Safely

It’s OK to be angry.  Many people are walking around right now who are angry and frustrated at the way their lives have gone. And when you travel the journey of heartbreak after a breakup or divorce, you will hit the angry button one day, guaranteed. If you don’t already have good practices around dissolving your anger, you will suffer the volcano effect and create more damage in your life. Here are 3 ways to
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How to Cope with the Trauma of Divorce

When I started doing things that were out of character and saying things to colleagues that confused even me, I knew things weren’t right. I started realizing that I was in trauma during my separation.  I had to find out how to cope with the trauma of my divorce.   STRESS or TRAUMA?   It’s now in the zeitgeist, and we’re all being shown trauma. But back then we were only dealing with “stress”. It
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