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When it’s too painful to let go

We’ve been talking about heartbreak and love lives for a while now. We’ve also talked about the ways in which you can let go of inherited love patterns that keep you in suffering. But sometimes you have enlist new techniques to let go of someone who isn’t flowing with you.  When it’s too painful to let go, we have to enlist another layer of practice. When it’s too painful to let go, you have to
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How to Break a Soul Contract

When it’s impossible to break away from a toxic relationship, what options do you have? You know it’s toxic. You know that you have to break free from it to live more fully. But there seems to be this invisible force that won’t allow you to release its hold on you. Discover the underlying story and its intensity in your life and then learn how to break a soul contract so you can find freedom
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Now your Ex wants to introduce the new GF to your kids

You’re done, separated, divorced and you think everything is copacetic. You’ve gone your separate ways. The joint custody schedule with the kids is running smoothly. You think you can finally get on with your life and then it happens. Your Ex has a new girlfriend. And now your Ex wants to introduce the new GF to your kids. What do you do?   Just when you think you’ve got your emotions all sorted out and
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