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How to Live in Self Love & Turn Emotional Pain into Power

Remember that Sex In the City scene when Miranda’s boss did the same thing to her and she retaliated and eventually quit her job? She showed us how to live in self love an turn emotional pain into power when she finally decided to quit. I wonder how many women are feeling dismissed right now in their jobs and with their spouses or close relationships. Have any idea? I searched this online and saw article
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Gratitude and Divorce

I have found that everything we’re taught about gratitude is true and that being thankful is the best way to reach freedom and self-love. But when you struggle with thoughts that remind you that you aren’t where you “should” be in your life, the idea of being grateful then becomes an Olympian challenge to achieve. Is it possible to have gratitude for your divorce? I have some thoughts on the subject. We know that break-ups
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