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3 things you can do right now to get over Separation Shock

Going through a divorce or romantic breakup of any kind is traumatic. Your hopes and dreams of a future together vanish, leaving you bewildered, dumbfounded, and emotionally gutted. It’s as if your world has just turned upside down, and you’re free-floating without an anchor. The emotional devastation you experience during a break up is phase one of the grief process; shock and denial. And there are 3 things you can do right now to get
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How to Eat Your Way to Happiness

One of the first things to go when we’re in heartbreak is our diet. We will do anything to feel better, and that includes eating all the foods we know are bad for us. But if you make some small adjustments to your diet, you can eat your way to happiness. I did it. My go-to feel better food is sugar. I now know that it’s an addiction, but back then, all I could do
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How your eating is affecting your Love Life

Eating is fundamental. We need it to live of course, but did you know how you eat is affecting your love life? Many factors affect our energy and how we project ourselves. Our inner dialogue, emotional well-being, perceived level of security, friends, and family, and what we put in your body all affect our outer self-image. How we feel about ourselves takes all of these outside influences into account. They all affect how we think
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