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Going deep into what destabilizes you

In modern psychology, it’s called disregulation but I like the reference to destabilization because it accurately describes this constant state of being uncentred. They use it in politics when they say a government has been destabilized and right now it’s appropriate to say that our world is destabilized.  This state can also be a result of heart break, maybe not initially but it always affects the heart. The heart is your centre and coming back
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How to Eliminate Damaging Self-Talk

Do you remember certain phrases that you heard as a child, that today you would consider to be sexist or harmful to how you would see yourself?  You might not realize that some of the seemingly harmless phrases you were told are the very words that have kept you stuck and picking the same undesirable partners. Let’s have a look at some of them and learn how to eliminate damaging self-talk from your life. Manifesting
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