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How to Live in Self Love & Turn Emotional Pain into Power

Remember that Sex In the City scene when Miranda’s boss did the same thing to her and she retaliated and eventually quit her job? She showed us how to live in self love an turn emotional pain into power when she finally decided to quit. I wonder how many women are feeling dismissed right now in their jobs and with their spouses or close relationships. Have any idea? I searched this online and saw article
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How To Tell If You’re Really Over Heartbreak

You think you’re over it. Your friends are pushing you to get online and start dating again. Or even worse, they try to set you up. But after all this time, are you really over your ex? How can you tell if you’re really over heartbreak? For you to answer that question, you first have to understand the phases of heartbreak and where you might be stuck. Heartbreak is grief. It’s the most common form
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