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Pushing yourself through Unlove

I was reminded recently that growth happens when you push through the discomfort. As Sarah Polley’s new book title accurately advises Run Towards The Danger. When you are in a place of fear, anxiety, disbelief there is only one way out. Pushing yourself through unlove will challenge everything you think is real, because it’s not. What you think is happening is a figment of your collective memory from how your DNA is programmed to respond
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The FUCK YES Method of Boundary setting

Deeper we go into boundary setting because we are doing it wrong and that’s why they are so difficult to maintain. If you focus on what you don’t want, you will only get what you don’t want. But if you focus on what you want then what you don’t want will never appear. It’s the FUCK YES Method of boundary setting.   Get it. It’s that simple a concept. But how do we apply it?
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Where do you go when love hurts?

When we experience heart break we go somewhere. Usually out of our body back to a time when that same pain was first experienced. We call it childhood trauma or our inner child or the shadow side. Where ever you go, it’s a repeating pattern that keeps us in heartbreak. You can’t run away from your pain. Oh, you can try, but you know that it will always show up in some form at themost
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