Big life transitions challenge us to review our lives and assess whether we are on our path. Whether you are going through a divorce or separating from a relationship, the level of grief and loss can be traumatic, depleting and debilitating. You have the choice to move through this challenging life event quickly or slowly. And you have the choice to stay in the same patterning that got you here, or to change it so that the next phase in your life is more fulfilling and joyful. Get the support you need. You aren’t alone in this.




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Set Yourself Up for Successful Online Dating

I recently decided to go back to dating sites. Like a new addiction, the thought of having new conversations and possibly meeting up with new and different men seemed a little exciting. It pulled me back in like a black hole consumes matter. With all my coaching tools in hand, I decided to enlist my PMA – Positive Mental Attitude. It has helped me out in many a life-altering situation and so with a big PMA on my forehead, I

Top 10 foods to make you happy again

Fact: Our gut and brain are connected. Which means that whatever you eat has a direct effect on your mood. Your emotional wellbeing, especially when you’re recovering from heartbreak, must be your primary concern if you’re ever going to heal. So, let’s start with the one thing you can control… your eating. I’ll reveal the top 10 foods to make you happy again. Why food can fuel your heartbreak When practitioners say holistic healing today, they refer to balancing age

How to Break a Soul Contract

When it’s impossible to break away from a toxic relationship, what options do you have? You know it’s toxic. You know that you have to break free from it to live more fully. But there seems to be this invisible force that won’t allow you to release its hold on you. Discover the underlying story and its intensity in your life and then learn how to break a soul contract so you can find freedom and peace.   Energetic cords

Reclaiming your Voice after it’s been shut down

If you want that beautiful relationship that you’ve been dreaming of and deserve, then you have to learn the rules of good communication. And if you’ve been taught to shut down your voice or express yourself from your wounded inner child then you’ll find getting what you want to be difficult. Without good communication relationships break down and then fall apart. Reclaiming your voice after it’s been shut down is the foundation for recreating your new dream relationship. Here’s where