Big life transitions challenge us to review our lives and assess whether we are on our path. Whether you are going through a divorce or separating from a relationship, the level of grief and loss can be traumatic, depleting and debilitating. You have the choice to move through this challenging life event quickly or slowly. And you have the choice to stay in the same patterning that got you here, or to change it so that the next phase in your life is more fulfilling and joyful. Get the support you need. You aren’t alone in this.




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Do you have good boundaries?

This is the question I’m asking these days. When your life seems out of control and not where we want it to be, most often the anxiety you feel about life indicates that you’ve lost sense of your boundaries. When I ask, “Do you have good boundaries?” you say yes, but you really mean no. When we’re trying to put back our lives or repair our hearts from a romantic breakup or grief from the loss of a loved one,

How to Live in Self Love & Turn Emotional Pain into Power

Remember that Sex In the City scene when Miranda’s boss did the same thing to her and she retaliated and eventually quit her job? She showed us how to live in self love an turn emotional pain into power when she finally decided to quit. I wonder how many women are feeling dismissed right now in their jobs and with their spouses or close relationships. Have any idea? I searched this online and saw article after article on the disparity

How to be happy every single day

Learning to live a life where you have the power to be happy every single day, seems almost impossible doesn’t it. But it’s not. The key to how to be happy every single day is to find acceptance in everything that comes up. Whether it’s unpleasant or pleasant, it is what needed to happen or was destined to happen for your learning and evolution. I’m not saying that you won’t have times when you’re sad or upset about something. These

When it’s too painful to let go

We’ve been talking about heartbreak and love lives for a while now. We’ve also talked about the ways in which you can let go of inherited love patterns that keep you in suffering. But sometimes you have enlist new techniques to let go of someone who isn’t flowing with you.  When it’s too painful to let go, we have to enlist another layer of practice. When it’s too painful to let go, you have to say to yourself that there’s