I believe we have love and romance backwards.

Instead of looking for love to complete us, we must find deep unconditional love within ourselves first.

I’m interested in the evolution of your soul through your heartbreak. It’s through our experiences within relationships that we’re able to make the biggest leaps in our spiritual transformation.

Guiding stories, meditations, mindful reflections.

Higher Self Love leads to Higher love.

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Are you ready to transform your love life?

Break free from old love patterns that keep you stuck in heartache. End the longing, wishing and praying and start creating the love life of your dreams.

Let’s begin your transformation by creating a healthy mind, body and soul resonance that will attract what you now want.


Break through unworthiness,
Master self-confidence and
Be happy every single day.

The practice of self-love requires the old structures of love be dismantled. They are no longer relevant in a world that demands authenticity.

We can’t hide behind our ego personas any longer. We are fed up with pretending to love, when deep down our hearts are breaking.

The path back to yourself is clear.

We must dismantle the old inherited patterns,
we must release toxic behaviour and elevate our resonance,
we must practice daily compassion and keep moving forward.

This journey is one of coming back to yourself, re-establishing your boundaries and moving forward with courage.

How to do Self Love is a guide for the journey back to your true self. It’s practical, scientific and just the right amount of spiritual to take you to your happiest life.

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