I’m on a quest to change the way we do love.

I believe that we all long for deep understanding and intimate connection. We want a relationship that feels secure, aligned, consistent, and easy. We want respect, consideration, honesty and to trust without question. We want to be loved unconditionally as we are without someone wanting to change us. And I believe we want to be sexually desired and adored and cherished.

The problem is that we weren’t taught to strive for relationship excellence because our teachers weren’t taught. They carried a legacy of wounding that was passed onto us. So, our job in this lifetime is to dismantle that legacy of trauma and wounding. Once we do that and discover our true soul love, that unconditional self-love that has been within us all along, we can reflect that out to attract it back into our lives. We can have deeply aligned soul love in all of our relationships.

It all started with an event that cracked open my foundational beliefs about my life. My divorce from my 20-year marriage shattered my belief that I was doing it all right. It allowed the illusion of happiness to crumble like an avalanche on top of me. And digging my way out was a journey back to myself.

This event allowed me to realize the illusion we have all been sold as women to be compliant, compromising and self-sacrificing in our relationships. It showed me that this way of being in a relationship is no longer sustainable and we have the power to heal and transform how we do love.

For the better part of a decade I have worked with women from around the world to regain their emotional and energetic equilibrium, find self-love and the love of their lives again.

My approach is holistic and multi-faceted, by utilizing over 30 years of personal work including energy practices as a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master-level practitioner, Tantra, along with my work as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and several years of Life Coaching practice.

Featured on blogs and podcasts including: The Art of Relationships, The Entrepology Podcast, The Ultimate Menopause Podcast, Divorcing Well, Popsugar and Bustle.


I have developed the 90 day passion protocol to help you rewrite your past, recharge your body and reclaim the love of your life.

Our only purpose in this life to BE in love.

Your journey is personal and different from everyone else’s journey. That’s why I will be there every step of the way, guiding you through your transformation.

This is where the BIG MAGIC happens.

Are you ready to transform your love life?