Im on a quest to change the way we do love.

By repairing our foundations of love, attuning our bodies and recalibrating the practice of love, I want to empower you to find that deep connection that you long for. I’m seriously passionate about helping you fall in love with your life again.

It all started when my 20-year marriage ended in 2007. I couldn’t believe I had become a statistic. I was under the impression that I did everything right; it just didn’t make sense; it didn’t compute in my mind that it could ever end as it did.

After five years, four lawyers and two court appearances later, I had a broken family, no partner, no home, and a dismantled community. With overwhelming trauma and feelings of worthlessness, failure, and fear for my future, I had hit rock bottom.

The devastation propelled me to figure out what had happened; where did it go wrong and how did I unconsciously contribute. More importantly, I had to find a way back to myself again.

My journey took me through years of discovering how my parents and ancestry shaped the foundation of the way I loved. I had a hard look at my abusive childhood and how that created my inner dialogue of unworthiness.

I dismantled the self- destructive patterns of disordered eating that consumed my daily life and found the power of holistic nutrition to heal my body and mind.

And finally, I found reconnection to my soul through meditation, Reiki energy, and Tantra practices that filled me with purpose again.

Through it all, I discovered that to live this life with deeply connected love, I had to release the past, forgive all the wrongs, and embrace my true soul desires. And then to find it in another, I had to fall in love with myself again.

My journey is your journey, and I’m here to help you.

“I’ve done therapy and counselling but working with Diana was amazingly different than anything I had previously experienced.  It is very personal, practical and when practiced with commitment, very effective.  She has a gift to tap into the very essence you need to foster and build confidence, belief and an action plan to move you forward. She is kind and wise without being intimidating. She listens and customizes her approach to best suit your needs. She walks the walk and talks the talk because she has been there so she knows how to communicate and inspire you to do the things to ultimately free your mind, body and spirit.”

Author of Awesome Sauce Life

Opening to Love

Together, we are going to explore the lessons of past loves, learn your attachment style and how to build attraction energy and heal your most important love centre.

Love Your Body

Together, we learn how your hormones control your ability to stay calm, what foods ignite inflammation and how to love your body back to health.

Leaving Loneliness

Together, we will work on breathing techniques, mindful energy release and reframing your negative thought patterns to release you from loneliness.

Journey to Self Love

Together, we learn to take back your power by creating new boundaries, letting go of self-sabotaging behaviour and finally finding the love of your life.

Happy & Free

Together, we will get you unstuck by learning the power of forgiveness, reframing and gratitude, which will ultimately allow you to master your happiness factor.

“Working with Diana was a breath of fresh air! She helped me dig deep past the surface issues of the things I found I was holding on to that were ultimately hindering me from really finding true peace and happiness in my life. It’s amazing how life can change when you make a simple adjustment in perspective, which she will help you make; where the reward for doing the work is freedom and lightness. Thank you for guiding me back into my own light Diana!”


“Diana’s support and guidance has been crucial to my healing.  She has been my body, mind and spirit “coach”. Her personal coaching has guided me through one of the worst times in my life.  Her open heart, awareness and insight is her strength.  And I benefited from it immensely.  This year in the fall I went back to school and was able to go to Nepal on a trekking expedition for 3 weeks. I feel stronger then I have for many years and look forward to my future.  I could not have done it without her incredible healing abilities.  Thank you Diana for being so good at what you do.” 



Our only purpose in this life to BE in love.

Your journey is personal and different from everyone else’s journey. That’s why I will be there every step of the way, guiding you through your transformation.

This is where the BIG MAGIC happens.

Are you ready to transform your love life?