About Diana

On my first visit to the lawyer, I remember the defining moment when she said, “This could go one of 2 ways.  The best case scenario is if you and your spouse are in agreement in which case I would act as mediator, it would be quick and painless. The worst case scenario is if there is disagreement and conflict, in which case we would most likely end up in court, spend lots of money and time.” I was horrified…

Five years, 4 lawyers and 2 court visits later, left me angry, depleted emotionally and physically raw, bewildered, abandoned and completely lost. I remember thinking, had I made the right decision?

Should I have suffered longer for the sake of the children and family unit that I worked so hard to build?

But when the decline of my relationship started to show big cracks, I started to do more of my own work. I had worked on myself throughout my early adult years and my commitment to be “the best person I could be” was reignited then. When I shifted my energy and saw the positive effects on my children, I knew I was doing the right thing.  The breakdown was evident and I had to come to terms with the inevitable outcome.

My work led me to India, where I was able to dig deeper into meditation, Tantra and find the self-love that I was never taught but I knew was buried underneath the armour around my heart. I was able to heal my adrenal stressed body and learn techniques that could break the patterns that kept me picking the same person and making the same bad decisions.

My journey to heal my body led me to Reiki. Although learning energy healing started when I was 19, I delved deeper into the powerful energetic effects of my thoughts and emotions and how understanding them and getting control of them was key to my well-being. From my work as a Reiki Master I was able to finally rid the allergies I had since birth.

The emotional wear and tear on my body, the foggy brain, thinning hair, muscle weakness and 3 year long yeast infection were still fresh on my body and I knew I had to dig deeper. This led me to Nutrition. Learning the simple yet complex effects of nutrition on the body completely healed the imminent danger I was going to endure if I had not changed my emotional eating patterns.

Finally, as I was on the path to heal, I discovered the most important thing was missing. I had lost myself completely in my role as mother and supportive wife.  Who was I now without the “wife of” label?  I had to redefine myself and then learn to love myself again. This led me to Coaching. The cognitive tools I learned helped me to reframe that highly critical negative self-talk that kept me in suffering and was of no use anymore. I could finally use all of the tools to achieve the happiness I so desperately wanted.

No one enters into a relationship to be hurt and breakup. The journey we are on, is a constant coming together and pulling apart, and it’s our choice as to how we navigate it.

As a Self-Love Expert, my mission is to empower women through the separation process, by creating inner calm, greater confidence and control of their life.

Join me on this journey and fall in love with your life again. Find out more here

​Diana Mikas, B.B.A. R.H.N
Life Coach
Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant
Reiki Master


“I’ve done therapy and counseling but working with Diana in the form of a Life Transition coach was amazingly different than anything I had previously experienced. It is very personal, practical and when practiced with commitment, very effective. She has a gift to tap into the very essence you need to foster and build confidence, belief and an action plan to move you forward. She is kind and wise without being intimidating. She listens and customizes her approach to best suit your needs. She walks the walk and talks the talk because she has been there so she knows how to communicate and inspire you to do the things to ultimately free your mind, body and spirit.” – Patty Lowry

“Diana’s support and guidance has been crucial to my healing. She has been my body, mind and spirit “coach”. Her personal coaching has guided me through one of the worst times in my life. Her open heart, awareness and insight is her strength.  And I benefited from it immensely. This year in the fall I went back to school and was able to go to Nepal on a trekking expedition for 3 weeks. I feel stronger then I have for many years and look forward to my future. I could not have done it without her incredible healing abilities. Thank you Diana for being so good at what you do.” – Fiona Duncanson